I Have Bad Breath

There are various causes of bad breath, the main ones being diseased gum tissues and tooth decay. Gum diseases such as gingivitis or the more advanced periodontitis need to be detected immediately. With periodontitis, the gum loses its attachment to the tooth, and a pocket develops in between where bacteria accumulates.

Other causes of bad breath could be dry mouth. Saliva is a strong antibacterial substance, and without it, bacteria can grow. A dry mouth can be caused by certain diseases or as a side effect of medicines taken to treat conditions such as high blood pressure.

Try chewing sugar-free gum or rinsing with mouthwash. Sugar-free gum can increase your salivary flow and help combat your dry mouth. Mouthwash can reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth and can help reduce your bad breath.

Another essential factor in beating bad breath is cleaning your tongue. The cleaning should be directed towards the back of the upper surface of the tongue. This can be done with a specially designed tongue scraper. Ask your hygienist for a sample next time you come in for your recall.

If you suspect your bad breath is related to a dental problem, please see us and take advantage of our Free Examination offer, so we can address your problem.