Dental Exams

Initial Consultation and Exam in Our Clifton, NJ Dental Office

Upon arrival to Dental Wellness, our attentive and friendly receptionist will welcome you, and you will begin to see why our current patients call our office “a family.”

During your first visit, Dr. Meytin and her team will listen carefully to you to gain a better understanding of your needs and expectations with respect to the dental treatment outcomes that will be most beneficial to you. We will complete an extra-oral exam (including your mouth, jaws and face), as well an intra-oral and soft tissue exam. Your smile, teeth, gums and bite will be carefully examined. Our next step will usually be to obtain images of your teeth using our digital radiograph system (xrays) and intraoral photos.

A treatment plan will be developed for you. We will explain the treatment plan to you, containing both the treatment steps and the fee estimates for each of those steps, in order to provide you with a very clear and transparent explanation about the recommended treatment.