Dental Offers & Discounts in Clifton

Dental offers and discount promotions

The team of Dental Wellness in Clifton NJ is excited to offer the following dental offers and discount promotions to our new and existing patients. Contact us to find out more info.

Valplast Dentures Discount

Cosmetic Dentures – “Upgrade Your Dentures!”

15% off of Flexible Partial Dentures

Flexi partial dentures have no metal, are lightweight, more natural, and are much more comfortable! Call to learn more!

Dental Wellness of Clifton Allergan Rewards

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Teeth Bleaching Program

Call us today to find out about the several teeth whitening options we have in our Clifton NJ office. Whether you are looking to whiten your teeth at home or complete the majority of the whitening in our office, we have options that are producing great results for our patients.  Contact us to learn more.